Grosvenor Travel Management was born in the Economic Recession of 1992. Our founder, Richard Soule, had travelled the World as an analyst for a Middle Eastern bank. Because this bank had a relatively small presence in the UK it had struggled to find a true Business Travel Agency that would pay attention, even though travel was in First and Business Class.

So the idea was born – to provide a complete service to the business traveller. From small beginnings (one travel consultant, 2 desks and a fax machine) GrosvenorTM has grown steadily towards its 2014 turnover of $90m.

In 1999, Richard offered his senior management team, Dominic Joyce and Bill Pougher, the opportunity to buy the Company.  Soon after, Venture Travel was added, which enabled us to open our Sutton office. In 2009 Strand Travel joined the portfolio, giving us experience in the fast-moving Fashion, Media & Entertainment market.

As we enter our 24th year, we see travel continue to change and Grosvenor Travel Management will change with (or ahead of ) it. One thing’s for sure though – old fashioned attention to detail and client needs will always be at the forefront.